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> highway=road is where you cannot determine anything other than it is some
> link between features.
> Then you have not been trying to find routes between villages in Africa or
> Nepal during a HOT Activation where the unsurfaced feature you are seeing
> could be anything from a path to a track to a tertiary road about the width
> of a single lane or less.... and then again it could also be a dry
> watercourse.
> The rescue and humanitarian teams on the ground need maps as soon as
> humanly possible and putting highway=road for all unknown classifications
> is something that is easy for all volunteer mappers to understand and can
> be recalled from that area and verified later. But at least there is
> something tentative on the map for aid teams to attempt to get to the next
> small village if it is at all possible.
> And no...it is not possible to count the lanes on a sand track in the
> middle of the bush... but that may well be the tertiary link in that area
> and becomes an impassable muddy quagmire in the rainy season with small
> deviations off into the bush where vehicles have tried to find a temporary
> route around the mud trap.
I'm not a fan at all of non-physical road descriptions like primary,
tertiary etc. All they seem to do is add colour to the map which has little
significance. It'd be more use if the highway colour related to physical
facts - like width, depth of mud etc.

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