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Try to understand that there is a serious point being made here. 

Multi-valued keys always cause arguments on these lists. Unfortunately
the forces of nature have decided that some shops fit in multiple
categories at the same time, and some roads have multiple ref's and
there are plenty of other examples where mappers have felt that the
k=v1;v2 model best fits their perception of reality. The strongest
voices seem to prefer avoiding this construction. There are occasional
discussions about how to do it better, but it always fizzles out to

In the big metamodel, we have 0-dimensional information, whereby the
mere existence of the key is enough; we have 1-dimensional information,
where a key has a single value (such as is represented in OSM with
highway=*), we have 2-dimensional information, where the value is a list
of atomic values, like what a shop sells. We could also look at more
complex information, where the value is a list of data items of varying
types. This often gets mapped to the so-called namespace syntax with a
colon separating the main key from the individual information component,
so we can distinguish between the "name" of different classes of object
and interpret them differently if we require. 

OSM provides only a metamodel with nodes, ways, and relations, all of
which can have key-value pairs. That's it, apart from changesets and
versions. Anything at a higher semantic level needs to come from the
community. All these primeval objects are rattling around in space
waiting for the earth to form after the big bang. 

Time to work towards an updated metamodel, with: 

* Multiple values (lists of values - sorting out the semicolon

* Complex values (data structures - formalising the namespace syntax?) 

* Simple Polygon as a basic type ("under construction" without any
tangible progress for years) 

These are all real-life things that cause a lot of energy to be expended
in OSM, simply because we don't have a way of representing them in the

Time to take things to the next level! 


On 2015-06-06 04:09, Andreas Goss wrote: 

> On 6/6/15 02:51 , pmailkeey . wrote:
>> shop=photon - where n is a number on a scale to indicate the range of
>> products e.g. :
>> photo1 - basic point n shoot cameras
>> photo5 - cameras, lenses, film, printing/developing service,
>> knowledgeable advice
>> photo9 - would include dark-room equipment, enlargers, range of
>> photo-quality digital printers (to buy) digital photo suite - inc.
>> computer and also illegal batteries for obsolete cameras !
> Honestly I don't even know what to say about 99% of your tagging suggestions...
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