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Philip Barnes phil at trigpoint.me.uk
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On Wed, 2015-06-10 at 07:15 -0500, Paul Johnson wrote:
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> > Why worry, the ANPR cameras will get you anyway.
> I'd honestly be surprised if those are widely employed, because 
> they're damn near useless.  There's well over 200 varieties of 
> license plates issued in Oklahoma by the state.  

They are widely used in UK, most fuel stations in the UK have them to
prevent driveoffs, there is no prepay in the UK only go in and pay or
pay-at-pump and most pay-at-pump is dual purpose.

Eurotunnel certainly use it at checkin, and it would be a non-starter
if it couldn't detect French, German, Dutch or Belgian plates. Although
it is helped by only needing to recognise number that are booked.

It is used for parking enforement at motorway service areas, if you are
staying at a hotel or at a resturant you give them your number and they
authorise you.

The London Congestion Charge is based on it, as is freeflow tolling at
the Dartford crossing, actually its used for tolling in Ontario which
uses US style plates.

> Most of the tribes also have issuing authority and often have 
> multiple varieties of plates themselves (these can get quite nuanced, 
> for example, a disabled Cherokee veteran plate replaces the tribe's 
> seal with the coat of arms, with the flags of the Cherokee Nation and 
> the country (even if not US) they served for.  Not all of these 
> plates stick to strictly characters found on a US English keyboard, 
> either (some varieties of Cherokee plates also have no English on 
> them, though the number may have English characters).
I am surprised non-latin characters are allowed, whilst I am used to
seeing foreign plates, I can read them. Some German plates have umlauts
on them, but easily read. What happens if they drive off after an

Phil (trigpoint)

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