[Tagging] access=student and entrance=inter-building: comments?

Friedrich Volkmann bsd at volki.at
Thu Jun 11 10:01:33 UTC 2015

On 08.06.2015 08:52, johnw wrote:
> A month or so ago, new entrance=types came up, and I thought I had a couple
> new values for entrance. I’ve been thinking about them, and had these two
> ideas. 
> Please comment on both. 
> 1) 
> Access=student - access designated for students of a school/facility,
> similar to customers of a shop or visitors of a facility. Does not imply age
> or gender, though it is used at mostly at K-12 facilities. For use with
> entrance=* or possibly with certain school amenities (Locker rooms,
> bathrooms, bicycle parking). 

Why not a more generic value like access=attendee? This could also be used
for parking places designated for conference, sports or church attendees.

We are also still missing a value representing a superset of
delivery/guests/employees/customers/students/etc. I mean all that are
involved in the facility in some way. In German speaking countries, many
roads are designated for "Anliegerverkehr" or "Anrainerverkehr", which means
all persons who intend contact to abutters. This differs from
access=destination, which also includes people who intend to just walk
around, and on the other hand excludes owners driving through.

> 2)
> entrance=inter-building - an entrance that is designated for only moving
> between buildings in a facility, even if physically accessible from outside.
> Usually on the ends of an outdoor walkway considered “indoors" because of
> cultural custom rather than physical access restriction (IE: indoor shoes
> required). Not to be used on normal outdoor pathway entrances.

The term "inter-building" seems too narrow to me. I guess you could also use
the entrance to have a cigarette, then return to the same building. Some
smoking areas or terraces are not connected to another building at all.

We could think about some access=* tag like access=checked-in, but this
would get us to mapping processes instead of geographical data. I think that
specifying one entrance=main is sufficient for everyday needs. Those who are
familiar with the facility already know which entrance when to use, and
those who are not should head to the main entrance.

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