[Tagging] access=student and entrance=inter-building: comments?

Janko Mihelić janjko at gmail.com
Thu Jun 11 12:36:27 UTC 2015

I think we should focus on the shoes, and not on the students and
inter-buildings. Maybe there are some international suuchools in Japan
where you can walk in shoes, and have an entrance for students. How would
you tag that?

You need a tag like access:shoes=no for inter-building passages and/or
doors, and access:shoes=locker for entrances where there is a locker on the
other side.

čet, 11. lip 2015. 12:06 Friedrich Volkmann <bsd at volki.at> je napisao:

> On 08.06.2015 08:52, johnw wrote:
> > A month or so ago, new entrance=types came up, and I thought I had a
> couple
> > new values for entrance. I’ve been thinking about them, and had these two
> > ideas.
> >
> > Please comment on both.
> >
> >
> > 1)
> > Access=student - access designated for students of a school/facility,
> > similar to customers of a shop or visitors of a facility. Does not imply
> age
> > or gender, though it is used at mostly at K-12 facilities. For use with
> > entrance=* or possibly with certain school amenities (Locker rooms,
> > bathrooms, bicycle parking).
> Why not a more generic value like access=attendee? This could also be used
> for parking places designated for conference, sports or church attendees.
> We are also still missing a value representing a superset of
> delivery/guests/employees/customers/students/etc. I mean all that are
> involved in the facility in some way. In German speaking countries, many
> roads are designated for "Anliegerverkehr" or "Anrainerverkehr", which
> means
> all persons who intend contact to abutters. This differs from
> access=destination, which also includes people who intend to just walk
> around, and on the other hand excludes owners driving through.
> > 2)
> > entrance=inter-building - an entrance that is designated for only moving
> > between buildings in a facility, even if physically accessible from
> outside.
> > Usually on the ends of an outdoor walkway considered “indoors" because of
> > cultural custom rather than physical access restriction (IE: indoor shoes
> > required). Not to be used on normal outdoor pathway entrances.
> The term "inter-building" seems too narrow to me. I guess you could also
> use
> the entrance to have a cigarette, then return to the same building. Some
> smoking areas or terraces are not connected to another building at all.
> We could think about some access=* tag like access=checked-in, but this
> would get us to mapping processes instead of geographical data. I think
> that
> specifying one entrance=main is sufficient for everyday needs. Those who
> are
> familiar with the facility already know which entrance when to use, and
> those who are not should head to the main entrance.
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