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> Maybe someone can confirm this, but I think it might actually be the difference in language from the Park Service versus Forest Service; i.e. in a National Forest you find Ranger Stations, in the Parks you find Visitor Centers?
> =Russ

good question - But I think we should have a generic term for all of them. The name=* can differentiate them from each other. 

I always think of larger camps where they might have a toll booth at the entrance for campers, an information kiosk for hikers and campers, 

and a true ranger station where the park rangers meet, safety services (first aid, search&rescue) are handled, and the rangers actually reside during the season. 

There are also those “ranger cabins” that you find off-trail where rangers live when they are in charge of patrolling the trails in a wilderness area.  

toll_booth should cover the little buildings that take money from arriving and departing guests,  information= tags can cover the kiosks and signs, and reception_desk was specifically made for situations where campers need to check in to register fro their spots. 

The Ranger station/visitor center might be a big building that does all of these jobs, but there should be some points created int he building area that micro-map all of these functions. 

Some park campgrounds have *a lot* of buildings (thinking of Paso Picacho and Green Valley Falls in San Diego).

This would also work for car camping sites, boy scout camps, and other non-park service camping places (car camps in Japan and in the US are quite similar), so the name should be somewhat generic and agnostic. 


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