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It sounds like the original meaning of ranger_station might have described
what I would term a Visitor Center. After reading these responses to my
post, and realizing that there are many parks with visitor centers (even
here in Thailand) that cannot be tagged under the present system, its
obvious to me that we need to add a new tag amenity=visitor_center. Visitor
Centers range from simple to quite lavish (think Yellowstone, Denali NPs);
these are definitely not ranger stations.

To me, an American, a ranger_station is a more work oriented place, as
Javbw suggests, where "park rangers meet, safety services (first aid,
search&rescue) are handled, and the rangers actually reside during the
season" while a visitor center has displays, an information desk or other
such facility, restrooms, telephones, and shops.

On Thu, Mar 5, 2015 at 9:33 AM, johnw <johnw at mac.com> wrote:

> On Mar 5, 2015, at 10:41 AM, Russell Deffner <russell.deffner at hotosm.org>
> wrote:
> Maybe someone can confirm this, but I think it might actually be the
> difference in language from the Park Service versus Forest Service; i.e. in
> a National Forest you find Ranger Stations, in the Parks you find Visitor
> Centers?
> =Russ
> good question - But I think we should have a generic term for all of them.
> The name=* can differentiate them from each other.
> I always think of larger camps where they might have a toll booth at the
> entrance for campers, an information kiosk for hikers and campers,
> and a true ranger station where the park rangers meet, safety services
> (first aid, search&rescue) are handled, and the rangers actually reside
> during the season.
> There are also those “ranger cabins” that you find off-trail where rangers
> live when they are in charge of patrolling the trails in a wilderness area.
> toll_booth should cover the little buildings that take money from arriving
> and departing guests,  information= tags can cover the kiosks and signs,
> and reception_desk was specifically made for situations where campers need
> to check in to register fro their spots.
> The Ranger station/visitor center might be a big building that does all of
> these jobs, but there should be some points created int he building area
> that micro-map all of these functions.
> Some park campgrounds have *a lot* of buildings (thinking of Paso Picacho
> and Green Valley Falls in San Diego).
> This would also work for car camping sites, boy scout camps, and other
> non-park service camping places (car camps in Japan and in the US are quite
> similar), so the name should be somewhat generic and agnostic.
> Javbw
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