[Tagging] Tagging for an event space / function hall?

Andrew Guertin andrew.guertin at uvm.edu
Thu Mar 5 20:27:29 UTC 2015

There are a number of places in my area that allow you to rent space for 
a private party or other gathering. Typically, they provide tables, 
chairs, etc., along with perhaps a bar or other services.

OSM doesn't seem to have a standardized tag for this. The ones I've 
found in use are:
1	amenity_1	event hall
1	amenity		event
4	amenity		event_center
1	amenity		event centre
5	amenity		event_centre
2	amenity		event_hall
2	amenity		event_location
2	amenity		event_space
1	amenity		event_vanue
4	amenity		event_venue
1	amenity		function_centre, wedding venue
1	amenity		function hall
1	amenity		function_hall
9	amenity		function_room
1	amenity		function_rooms
1	amenity		restaurant;event_location
1	building	event_hall
4	building	Event_hall
1	building	Event_Venue
1	building	function hall
1	building:use	event_hall
1	designation	event center
1	designation	Event Center
1	designation	Event Hall
2	designation	Event location
1	designation	Event Venue
1	landuse		event_center
1	leisure		event_location
1	office		event hall
1	tourism		Function Hall
1	type		function_hall
1	usage		event_hall
3	usage		Event_hall

...along with a bunch shoehorned into name or description, and sometimes 
using other inappropriate but understandably close tags like 

I think this should be standardized.

There are a couple of considerations that should be made:
   a) How to distinguish this from amenity=community_centre and 
amenity=social_centre (intuitively obvious, but perhaps tricky to write)
   b) How to deal with wedding venues. There are many places (hotels, 
B&Bs, etc) that don't exclusively host events but are well prepared to 
and do so on a regular basis, and even advertise such. Sometimes the 
space usage is ambiguous or reconfigurable. Is this worth worrying about 
or should we leave the boundary fuzzy and let mappers decide 
case-by-case in tricky situations?

Finally, what should the chosen tag be?


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