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Friedrich Volkmann bsd at volki.at
Fri Mar 6 12:46:10 UTC 2015

On 06.03.2015 12:09, Paul Johnson wrote:
>  May be related to the United States Department of Agriculture's National
> Forest Service use permits.  Typically a small wooden box with some pencils
> and waterproof application cards inside, on which you are either strongly
> encouraged or legally obligated to spell out where you're going, who's with
> you, when you're expected back, what trailhead you parked at and what your
> vehicle's registration plate (or serial number in case of vehicles that
> don't require a plate).  Usually no charge (and often there's a warning
> encouraging people not to donate cash in the box).  Rangers typically check
> these weekly or so, as well as before bad weather, empty out the filled out
> cards and resupply them so they know who didn't come back, who needs rescue,
> and where they need to hike to in order to warn people to get off the mountain.

You may add that to the proposal page if you like.

I heard of one or two fia ferrata where climbers are required to add to the
log, but most registers in central europe are optional to use.

We can tag which registers are optional or obligatory, but I don't know if
that information is of any practical use.

It's similar to obligatory cycleways. I think that the information should
not be set on the cylceways or the register, respectively, because the use
is obligatory only for users of a corresponding feature. Concerning
registers, that corresponding feature is a highway=path, a route relation, a
building, a cave, or similar. In your example, it's certainly a forest.

So we could add some register=yes/no/obligatory (or compulsory?) tag to the

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