[Tagging] Feature Proposal - RFC - Reception Desk

Warin 61sundowner at gmail.com
Sun Mar 8 22:08:25 UTC 2015

On 9/03/2015 1:22 AM, Andreas Goss wrote:
> Why do you even bother with a proposal when you bascially don't care 
> about tagging?

I care to get good, if not the best,  tags. I try to get ideas for these 
from the tagging group. I don't care for arguments on a proposal that 
are not directly relevant to that proposal.

> If you want to tag reception_desks in whatever random way then just go 
> ahead and do it.

I don't want a "random way" .. thank you for the derogatory comment.

> Then people will see what you used on taginfo when looking for 
> reception and at some point you just make a wiki page with in use.

You really don't care for the tagging group much, do you?

The way I search for a relevant tag is to use the wiki, not taginfo. I 
suspect many mappers do the same. Using a tag that is not on the wiki 
will probably mean it is not rendered.. thus I may have wasted my 
effort. By waving the flag for this possibly new tag, the tag gets 
improved by thoughtfull comments, advertised, and hopefully approved.

>> ----------------------------------------------------------
>> Request For Comments ...
>> I see this as part of improving the proposal .. not as showing a
>> complete, fully functional for all possible things, fault free tag. If
>> only complete fault free and all encompassing tags are to be proposed
>> then there will be NO tags.
>> By all means comment on things that could be better ... and hopefully
>> suggest possible solutions.
>> Don't think a proposal should have addressed all possible things.. if
>> they could see the world and all its problems, and then solve them in
>> the bast possible way .. well OSM would not need proposals .. they would
>> simply go straight to tags! And there would be no need of the tagging
>> group.
>> Criticism that a proposal is incomplete, should have address some issue
>> .. before being proposed .. will simply discourage people from using the
>> tagging group at all and going straight to make a tag without
>> consultation .. leading to a worse situation. People here need to
>> encourage proposals .. no matter how poor they might think them to be,
>> to do otherwise is to discourage the use of this group.

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