[Tagging] Blatant tagging for the renderer: bridges & abandoned railways

Michael Reichert nakaner at gmx.net
Mon Mar 9 15:14:58 UTC 2015


Am 2015-03-09 um 16:06 schrieb ael:
> Well, I have only changed the tag on the bridges themselves, and only on
> ways for which I did the original (and usually any subsequent) survey
> and edits. So I am not corrupting other people's data.

Wrong! You have corrupted data because you have changed tags to values
which are wrong. What about people who want to calculate the length of
the railway network including disused tracks which have not been removed
yet (and therefore are easy to reactivate)?

The edits you did can be described as (semi-)vandalism.

> Nevertheless, I agree that it is a problem with OSM-Carto, as I
> indicated in the OP.
> I have just been asked to give a talk about OSM to a local group
> including Councillors who are impressed with OSM and considering 
> using it for Council purposes. There are many historical abandoned
> railways in the area (related to mining) and I think that they will be
> singularly unimpressed if prominent major bridges on the local lanes
> are missing. I suppose that it might be a useful lessson in
> distinguishing the data base from the rendering, but there might be
> sceptics present. Also I want to keep it simple at least for the first
> introduction. 

Well, if these people do not like OSM because /one/ OSM-based map does
not show a couple of bridges, it is not bad if they do not use OSM. OSM
is a database and no map! Please explain this if they ask why osm.org
does not show bridge X.

> So is there a bug tracker that I have missed for the stylesheet?


btw, what's your nickname?

Best regards


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