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Martin Koppenhoefer dieterdreist at gmail.com
Thu Mar 12 09:20:27 UTC 2015

2015-03-12 7:54 GMT+01:00 Markus Lindholm <markus.lindholm at gmail.com>:

> >> reference to
> >> the definition found in Wikipedia and that's also how I've used the
> >> tag.
> >
> > and if someone changes the Wikipedia page, the definition for our tag
> will change as well?
> >
> How likely is that? Not that somebody edits the page but that the
> definition would change in a material way?

I believe the definitions for our tags should be in our wiki, and not in
external sources which have different scope and are continuously changed.
This is also about focus, i.e. stating what are the key properties that
must be met. Wikipedia articles tend to get longer by the time, and I don't
want mappers to be required to read long articles to get to know the
meaning of a tag, or to have continuous minor changes to the meaning of a
tag which might sum up to more substantial changes by the time, without
actual mappers making those changes.

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