[Tagging] Accepted or rejected?

Clifford Snow clifford at snowandsnow.us
Sat Mar 14 20:27:56 UTC 2015

The reality is that a tag becomes "approved" once it is adopted by
developers and is used extensively. Voting has its purpose, mainly to weed
out proposals that need more work. As others have said 8 approvals and 7
declines indicate that more work needs to be done. Even if a proposal
receives 8 approvals and no declines, it really hasn't been accepted.

I would suggest adopting " Conditional Approval" approach. If the proposal
receives sufficient votes, it becomes "Conditionally Approved." Only after
it becomes widespread and adopted by JOSM and iD it becomes an "Approved"
tag. Conditional Approval would last for a period of time which may be
extended. For example, a 1 year period with 1 or 2 6 months extensions. If
it doesn't reach the widespread use threshold, the tag will be declared as
"Not Approved." It will be up to the originators to track it's use and
request updates to JOSM and iD. Some subjectivity to the term, "widespread"
needs to be applied. For instance, a niche shop might be approved with only
a small number of tags. However, a fitness_centre tag would required
several hundred before approval.

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