[Tagging] Current status of the key smoothness=*

David Bannon dbannon at internode.on.net
Tue Mar 17 06:23:50 UTC 2015

On Sun, 2015-03-15 at 16:58 +0000, Kytömaa Lauri wrote:

> So far, nobody has proposed what I have come to think would be the most exact and most usable bit of information a _mapper_ can provide: "Did you get through with transport mode x?" Possible answers are:
> - no
> - just barely
> - with extra effort/concentration/some difficulty
> - yes

That is most certainly the info people want and need but I'd suggest
your approach may be a little too detailed. With (eg) four possible
states and a plan to describe just about every vehicle on the road, too
much data and too difficult to use.

I do believe we, as mappers, need to make some decisions, its not too
hard to divide our vehicles into, say, six or so categories and apply
just a yes/no to each. Yes, its error prone but the error would be only
one level and would still be infinitely more valuable than no info at


> What constitutes "some difficulty" for each mode can be discussed more easily; i.e. for roller skates (never have) ruts, sett, tram tracks(?), but not curbs as such? These can be tabularized in the wiki later.
> If you're in a "regular sedan", you can steer around the potholes and slow down (i.e. "concentration"), but if the wheels have to follow a very narrow path or the bottom of the vehicle would hit the ground, it's "just barely" for regular sedans. Or whatever local conditions the mapper comes across.
> Surely, if the track is "just barely" traversable in a highly modified off road vehicle of brand Y with extras from brands Z and W, the driver of any other vehicle can assume they won't be able to use the track.
> I haven't drafted the actual tags in detail, but I do have used 
> - police:mondeo=yes (originally as "here I saw a Mondeo use the footway", but later also "I've seen other vehicles drive here or it's obvious a normal car could physically use this")
> - police:mondeo=no 
> - police:transporter:conditional=no @ (winter & 2wd)  ( as in "here I saw a VW Transporter fail to get up the incline on a footway")
> The keys for a more general "suitable for use" tagging would have a prefix, a separator character (probably ':'), the general vehicle category possibly followed by more details (either a model, or something like high clearance), and the optional accessories would use the :conditional syntax.
> known_suitable:motorcar = barely
> known_suitable:motorcar:911 = no
> known_suitable:motorcar:high_clearance = effort
> known_suitable:Range_Rover = yes
> The first driver can always add just the one tag that applies to their vehicle.
> This might seem like a lot of work, but we have time, and mappers; enough data will accumulate with patience.

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