[Tagging] Accepted or rejected?

Martin Koppenhoefer dieterdreist at gmail.com
Wed Mar 18 09:36:07 UTC 2015

2015-03-18 0:58 GMT+01:00 Kotya Karapetyan <kotya.lists at gmail.com>:

> Your rule would mean that with 7/3 would be a rejection while 8/7 an
> approval.
> I suggest to not only bring the logic back but also address this issue.

+1, I would like to reflect on the quorum rule. In the end, looking at how
many people map and how many people take part in tagging mailing list
discussions and voting on tags, any number we can reasonably put there will
be ridiculous compared to the number of mappers. On this background there
is not much difference between a vote of 6 people and one of 18. If we want
to stick to the quorum (what does likely make sense to avoid the
theoretical problem of one or two people alone "occupying" useful key or
value names with unusual definitions), I suggest to lower it even more,
like requiring at least 5 positive votes and a 2 third majority of positive
votes (or "not more than one third negative votes").

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