[Tagging] Increasing voting participation (Was Accepted or rejected?)

fly lowflight66 at googlemail.com
Wed Mar 18 13:36:04 UTC 2015

Am 18.03.2015 um 12:55 schrieb Martin Vonwald:
> 2015-03-18 12:47 GMT+01:00 Markus Lindholm <markus.lindholm at gmail.com>:
>> A thought, how difficult would it be to include in the wiki-page how
>> many different mappers have actually used a specific tag. Perhaps via
>> TagInfo.
> This in fact would be a very helpful information! Although - please
> everyone correct me if I'm wrong - the numbers from taginfo are not what we
> want: as far as I know, taginfo shows the number of mappers, that added or
> changed(!) an object with a given tag. Much more meaningful would be the
> number of mappers, that actually added a specific tag. This is much harder
> to determine and even this number would be biased, because of way-splits.

Exactly, you need to use more of the history, as how do you tread
replaced objects like node -> area ?

The first author of an object does not have to be the one who introduced
the tag.

Seems to be really complex.

Cheers fly

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