[Tagging] Fuel shops

Stephan Knauss osm at stephans-server.de
Thu Mar 19 14:09:02 UTC 2015

On 19.03.2015 20:31, phil at trigpoint.me.uk wrote:
> However I can see nothing wrong with amenity=fuel, that is what it is in that part of the world . What turns amenity=fuel into a regular filling station is the building=roof.

There is a huge difference. You'll notice that if you end up with your 
Diesel pickup in front of a amenity=fuel shelf out of Whiskey bottles 
filled with gasoline. The quantity is even too small to substantially 
fill up a car.

Those pumps from a barrel are fine for a car. We used them recently on a 
trip near Doi Inthanon. Filling up 500 Baht of Diesel was no issue at all.

There is operator=independent.
I suggest this along with amenity=fuel for everything which is suitable 
for filling up a car or small truck/pickup.

This is to differentiate from big brands like PTT which usually also 
come with a convenience store/coffee shop.

Vending machines selling petrol for cars also fine.

The problem are vending machines only serving for motorbikes and those 
I would like to avoid them being amenity=fuel as it is hard to convince 
every western map-maker to query additional tags before deciding how to 
render them. That tag is already too established without extra tags.


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