[Tagging] Fuel shops

Stephan Knauss osm at stephans-server.de
Fri Mar 20 06:01:53 UTC 2015

On 20.03.2015 11:44, John Willis wrote:
> As long as distribution is non-traditional, a shop selling fuel oil and
> cordwood for heating is fine with me (I have to read up on fuel= tagging )

shop=fuel sounds reasonable.

It seems to be used for coal, heating oil and kerosine. And a hand full 
of mistaggings of amenity=fuel)


as it's a new tag it can be properly refined by additional tags. 
amenity=fuel was introduced as car-fuel and is so wide understood as 
this that it's not realistic to expect this to change. and amenity is 
overloaded already.

think of it similar as amenity=place_of_worship. This is also a key that 
needs evaluation of at least the religion sub-key to be reasonably rendered.

Similar can be done with shop=fuel.

It can be differentiated into the kind of fuel available as well as 
taking into account quantity limitations if needed.

If we include tagging for "proper" petrol stations it could also replace 
amenity=fuel in the long term.
Keeping the sub-key tagging compatible would allow to tag it simultaneous.

Modern data consumer and renderer evaluate shop=fuel and subkeys, legacy 
only the amenity and miss out the newer features like coal or bottled fuel.


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