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Fri Mar 20 10:07:29 UTC 2015

On 20/03/2015 5:01 PM, Dave Swarthout wrote:
> I was gonna say we should probably consider adding subtags for bottled 
> gas like propane and butane so that shop=gas might eventually be 
> subsumed by a new overall shop=fuel. By the way, firewood is a fuel 
> and could conceivably fit in here too. I would want to stay away from 
> using another amenity tag, as John suggests too. This is not an 
> amenity but a shop catering to a certain group of people
> Wiki definition: amenity=Covering an assortment of community 
> facilities". The Wiki doesn't really spell out the differences between 
> shop and amenities that sell things either so it's difficult to 
> determine what belongs where.
> Also, FYI, I took a look at the objects currently tagged as shop=gas 
> and many of them appear to be incorrect. Judging from the aerials they 
> are actually the sort of thing we're referring to here as a 
> full-service fuel station, amenities with names like Valero, Texaco, 
> Chevron.
North American I'd guess from the word 'gas' ... search the wiki for 
'gas' redirects to a Russian page .. in English.. a gas pipeline. That 
is not very helpful to a North American... it should not automatically 
redirect to that .. rather give the options ...

amenity=fuel for petrol/gas stations

gas pipelines in both Russian and English...

> Obviously many mappers aren't reading the Wiki and use whatever tag 
> sounds right to them. Makes what we're discussing here seem like a 
> waste of energy :-(
 From my above search .. looking for 'gas' gets you a Russian page on  
gas pipeling... no help at all. No wonder we have shop=gas .. very 
logical from the North American mapper view.

I've edited the wiki 'Gas' page... My Russian is long ago tourist stuff 
.. beer, icecream (much better than the beer!) that kind of thing. If 
someone with a little Russian can look at it?


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