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Dave Swarthout daveswarthout at gmail.com
Sun Mar 22 00:45:35 UTC 2015

Now that the definition of designated campground has changed, its
description the "Examples" section below should be changed as well.

Here's what we have now:

#Designated campgrounds: sites that charge no or a nominal fee, have some
or no facilities, sometimes limited length of stay, community feel, self
managed. Typically less crowded than commercial campgrounds. For example
locations in a community where you are allowed to put your motorhome or
caravan. You don't pay but have no amenities or perhaps only drinking water
and toilets. The service is provided by the community to attract visitors.
France and Australia have many of such places;

I don't think this is accurate. In my experience, designated sites are very
similar to commercial sites except you pay a government for the privilege
of camping there instead of a private party. The designated camp_sites I
know of have almost as many services as the larger commercial ones, cost
nearly the same and are certainly not self-managed. Nor or they less
crowded. I'm thinking of the big campgrounds at American national and state
parks. Yellowstone N.P. for example has several designated campgrounds that
offer many amenities (recreation center, convenience stores, etc.) and cost
$20/night for a standard site and $48/night for an RV site with "full
hook-up", that is, water, electricity, and sewage disposal.  These
campgrounds are crowded through the entire season and some, notably Denali
N.P. in Alaska, available only with advance registration.

How about this:

Designated campgrounds are similar to many commercial sites except may
offer fewer services, the major difference being that most are managed not
for profit but as a public service. Some are free but others may cost as
much as a commercial site. They are often located within state, local,
provincial, or national parks.

By the way, under Examples in #6 you mention default rules where camping is
allowed any place it's not prohibited. This is true for the entire state of
Alaska. And of course there are many state administered and controlled,
designated, camp_sites as well. It's worth noting that these sites are not


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