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Sun Mar 22 01:52:49 UTC 2015

On Sun, 2015-03-22 at 07:45 +0700, Dave Swarthout wrote:

> I don't think this is accurate. In my experience, designated sites are
> very similar to commercial sites except you pay a government for the

No no no !  Dave, if its effectively similar to a commercial camp
ground, it should be mapped as a commercial camp ground. I don't care
where the money goes, point is if full service, you pay an appropriate
fee, someone is in charge.

The description Jan has for a "Designated camp grounds" describes a type
of camp ground perfectly. Free or nominal fee. You come and go as you
please (although lots do set a max stay). There is no one in charge and,
naturally, few facilities are provided. usually don't have predefined
'pitches' (hate that word!) and tend to be a bit better spaced. Do get
very busy at times, sure ! Don't exist everywhere but I use them a lot
and they need to be mapped.

Maybe we need to change the definition of commercial cam grounds to
better cover the type of thing you are talking about ?

> #Designated campgrounds: sites that charge no or a nominal fee, have
> some or no facilities, sometimes limited length of stay, community
> feel, self managed. Typically less crowded than commercial
> campgrounds. For example locations in a community where you are
> allowed to put your motorhome or caravan. You don't pay but have no
> amenities or perhaps only drinking water and toilets. The service is
> provided by the community to attract visitors. France and Australia
> have many of such places;
> I don't think this is accurate. In my experience, designated sites are
> very similar to commercial sites except you pay a government for the
> privilege of camping there instead of a private party. The designated
> camp_sites I know of have almost as many services as the larger
> commercial ones, cost nearly the same and are certainly not
> self-managed. Nor or they less crowded. I'm thinking of the big
> campgrounds at American national and state parks. Yellowstone N.P. for
> example has several designated campgrounds that offer many amenities
> (recreation center, convenience stores, etc.) and cost $20/night for a
> standard site and $48/night for an RV site with "full hook-up", that
> is, water, electricity, and sewage disposal.  These campgrounds are
> crowded through the entire season and some, notably Denali N.P. in
> Alaska, available only with advance registration. 
> How about this:
> Designated campgrounds are similar to many commercial sites except may
> offer fewer services, the major difference being that most are managed
> not for profit but as a public service. Some are free but others may
> cost as much as a commercial site. They are often located within
> state, local, provincial, or national parks.
> By the way, under Examples in #6 you mention default rules where
> camping is allowed any place it's not prohibited. This is true for the
> entire state of Alaska. And of course there are many state
> administered and controlled, designated, camp_sites as well. It's
> worth noting that these sites are not free.
> Regards,
> Dave
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