[Tagging] Deleting private objects in private spaces

fly lowflight66 at googlemail.com
Mon Mar 23 14:09:55 UTC 2015

Am 22.03.2015 um 23:11 schrieb Warin:
> On 23/03/2015 1:20 AM, fly wrote:
>> Am 17.03.2015 um 07:26 schrieb John Willis:
>>> There was a big bruhaha about any mappers mapping Israeli military
>>> installations. They were deleting everything and leaving notes not to
>>> map things on that location, if I remember correctly.
>>> I don't know the details, but I imagine that OSM might get blocked in
>>> certain countries if certain things are mapped, I dunno.
>> So you need an own style for Israeli but no argument to exclude it for
>> the rest of the world or in the data base.
> Personally I only map 'usefull' stuff.. stuff that the general public
> can use, or stuff that is usefull in an emergency.
> There is a lot to map that falls into this category that I'm not looking
> for stuff to map! Lots of roads in India for instance that are not mapped.
> I'll ignore military installations unless they are historic and
> sometimes open to the public.

It should be still up to each mapper to map what she/he likes to but why
should I deny someone to map all military and secrete service areas all
over the world.

Only because some government does not like it should not be a point to
stop mapping in OSM.

Anyway, where is the border ? Which government is good and which is bad.

cu fly

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