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> On Mar 24, 2015, at 2:48 AM, Friedrich Volkmann <bsd at volki.at> wrote:
> On 23.03.2015 15:36, Martin Koppenhoefer wrote:
>>> 2 liters of fuel are as much car_parts as a bakery is bicycle_parts.
>>    The definition says: "A place selling auto parts, auto accessories, motor
>>    oil, car chemicals, etc."
>>    That fits perfectly.
>> can you expand? Someone sitting roadside selling just a few liters of
>> petrol, how does he comply with this definition? Petrol is not in the list,
>> it is neither auto parts nor auto accessories nor motor oil nor car
>> chemicals. Are you after the "etc."?
> Petrol is similar to motor oil, both are fluids made from mineral oil.
> Diesel is identical with light fuel oil. So this is clearly the same group
> of products, especially when sold in equally small quantities. What else is
> the "etc." supposed to mean?

Just because they are both made from oil, and sold in similar quantities does not make the amenity or shop similar. 

This is about people's expectations.  

A toilet and a drinking fountain both involve fixtures that use water, yet tagged separately. Same with water point, tap, bidet, and other water based amenities - because people's *expectations* of what is present would be broken if I tagged a drinking fountain as a tap or toilet. 

That's the point of this is discussion.

If I saw a car parts icon listed in Africa, and I need to get parts for vehicle ( even a single can of motor oil) - and I went to one of these shops, and there was an old lady selling gasoline for scooters in whiskey bottles out of a window in their house, I'd think the tagger had lost their mind and delete the shop. Similarly - if the tagger tagged this as a gas station, I'd think they are joking. 

I don't tag granny's roadside vegetable stand as a market nor distribution warehouse - but that is the same thing you are suggesting - but in some places it might be a permanent and expected way for some people to get vegetables - so how do I tag it? Do I pollute market when it is a table with 10 green onions and a few eggplants? They are a farmer, so is it food distribution?  Neither works, so a new solution should be found (for this example). 

Go look at my kerosene tagging example, and tell me what tag you would put on a gas station that doesn't actually sell gasoline or any fuel for cars. Should you like to further dilute petrol station tagging and include those too? 

If I see a gas pump icon, and thanks to the renders and data users, I would see a gas pump icon in both cases, it would make me very pissed to show up there with a car expecting 50L of gasoline.
That's what we're trying to avoid.


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