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Tue Mar 24 01:04:47 UTC 2015

I agree completely with what John said in the previous reply.

Repeat: a fuel shop is not a car_parts shop. The "etc." was probably added
there as a catch all to include tools specific to cars or whatever but it
definitely, certainly does not include petrol.


On Tue, Mar 24, 2015 at 4:37 AM, John Willis <johnw at mac.com> wrote:

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> > On Mar 24, 2015, at 2:48 AM, Friedrich Volkmann <bsd at volki.at> wrote:
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> > On 23.03.2015 15:36, Martin Koppenhoefer wrote:
> >>> 2 liters of fuel are as much car_parts as a bakery is bicycle_parts.
> >>
> >>    The definition says: "A place selling auto parts, auto accessories,
> motor
> >>    oil, car chemicals, etc."
> >>
> >>    That fits perfectly.
> >>
> >> can you expand? Someone sitting roadside selling just a few liters of
> >> petrol, how does he comply with this definition? Petrol is not in the
> list,
> >> it is neither auto parts nor auto accessories nor motor oil nor car
> >> chemicals. Are you after the "etc."?
> >
> > Petrol is similar to motor oil, both are fluids made from mineral oil.
> > Diesel is identical with light fuel oil. So this is clearly the same
> group
> > of products, especially when sold in equally small quantities. What else
> is
> > the "etc." supposed to mean?
> >
> Just because they are both made from oil, and sold in similar quantities
> does not make the amenity or shop similar.
> This is about people's expectations.
> A toilet and a drinking fountain both involve fixtures that use water, yet
> tagged separately. Same with water point, tap, bidet, and other water based
> amenities - because people's *expectations* of what is present would be
> broken if I tagged a drinking fountain as a tap or toilet.
> That's the point of this is discussion.
> If I saw a car parts icon listed in Africa, and I need to get parts for
> vehicle ( even a single can of motor oil) - and I went to one of these
> shops, and there was an old lady selling gasoline for scooters in whiskey
> bottles out of a window in their house, I'd think the tagger had lost their
> mind and delete the shop. Similarly - if the tagger tagged this as a gas
> station, I'd think they are joking.
> I don't tag granny's roadside vegetable stand as a market nor distribution
> warehouse - but that is the same thing you are suggesting - but in some
> places it might be a permanent and expected way for some people to get
> vegetables - so how do I tag it? Do I pollute market when it is a table
> with 10 green onions and a few eggplants? They are a farmer, so is it food
> distribution?  Neither works, so a new solution should be found (for this
> example).
> Go look at my kerosene tagging example, and tell me what tag you would put
> on a gas station that doesn't actually sell gasoline or any fuel for cars.
> Should you like to further dilute petrol station tagging and include those
> too?
> If I see a gas pump icon, and thanks to the renders and data users, I
> would see a gas pump icon in both cases, it would make me very pissed to
> show up there with a car expecting 50L of gasoline.
> That's what we're trying to avoid.
> Javbw
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