[Tagging] Tagging established, unofficial and wild campings

Dave Swarthout daveswarthout at gmail.com
Tue Mar 24 00:43:30 UTC 2015

Many questions, many answers...

>My point might be that with so many factors, we are unlikely to see a
>100% of campgrounds to fit into their category flawlessly every time.
>Thus words like "rarely" and "usually".
+1 on that

You probably get hot showers in the bigger U.S. campgrounds, those in
larger parks. I'm not a camper anymore so have no direct recent experience
with the camping in the contiguous United States, what Alaskans call the
"lower 48" states.  Many Alaskan campgrounds do have showers available but
I would resist making showers a *requirement *for a certain category of
campground. Just add shower=yes/no or hot/cold, whatever.

Similar arguments apply to the toilets and dump_station. Some but not all
campsites have a dump_station (new proposed tag is sanitary_dump_station).
Let's not lump that together with toilets as a *requirement*. Use
sanitary_dump_station=yes/no as a subkey for camp_site=*

Martin says:
>I don't like the idea that a "designated" camp site has to be
non-commercial, I'd rather tag that aspect with the "fee" key.

To me, and I think others agree, designated means official. Any place where
people camp in a specially prepared environment has been "designated" at
some point, either by the government or a business owner; designated to be
a campground. To base an entire category on this term is misleading IMO.

@Jan - yes, I suppose the camping areas I'm talking about could be category
#2 if you get rid of the adjective "nominal" for the fee. Just say they
"may be free or charge a fee" because these days camping fees are anything
but nominal, at least in my opinion.

I say get rid of #6 entirely. Tagging an entire state as an area where
camping is permitted, like Alaska, is problematical at best.


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