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> On Mar 24, 2015, at 9:43 AM, Dave Swarthout <daveswarthout at gmail.com> wrote:
> To me, and I think others agree, designated means official. Any place where people camp in a specially prepared environment has been "designated" at some point, either by the government or a business owner; designated to be a campground. To base an entire category on this term is misleading IMO.


yea, designated means that the area is chosen to be for camping.  “This is a campsite” “This area is used for camping”

The problem is that Camps meant for RVs (motorhomes) and camps made for caravan (trailers?)  and car camping (where the tent goes up next to the car) are separated by the “standard” and “designated” tags.   

Also - “standard” campsites are stand-alone facilities? “Designated” are camping facilities inside a larger park? I guess i see where the designated comes from now - this area is designated for camping, but it is not obvious. 

But his is causing the confusion, as depending on your experience, you may feel that either are “standard” campgrounds or “designated” ones - or both! but the tag definitions don’t match the usage. 

In my experience, “standard campgrounds” are quite rare - esp. with “stores” (beyond a permit office or toll taker) and “pools” and “laundry service” - that sounds like a place where you park an motorhome - not a pitch a tent, but “RV camping” is part of camping and trekking - so there needs to be hard definitions between them. A place for RVs,  a place for auto camping, a place for tent camping, and informal places where it’s not designated but works well,  and trekking - a good spot in a vast wilderness area.

Perhaps using “”stand-alone” & “camping-area” or “RV camp / Caravan camp / Auto camp / Tent camping / informal / trekking” to split by vehicle 

I’m not sure of how to define it, but standard vs designated is confusing in both name and the definitions provided. 


Also - as Martin mentioned - how is the fee associated with the grounds change their usage?  All the car camping grounds in Japan are private businesses. They all charge a fee. They look almost exactly like a state (public) campground camp in the US. But they are private.  the fee should just be the standard fee= tag
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