[Tagging] Tagging established, unofficial and wild campings

Jan van Bekkum jan.vanbekkum at gmail.com
Fri Mar 27 06:41:14 UTC 2015

After yesterday's discussion I thought about the wording a bit more:

   - We can use *camp_site=opportunistic_hospitality* for the hotels,
   hostels etc. that don't have a separate camping area or amenities but offer
   a place at their parking and some way of access to amenities for payment
   and that don't advertise. In the earlier discussion we have called this
   category non designated. It is a long phrase but covers exactly what is
   - We can use *tourism=camp_site:non_designated* for all cases that the
   area is not (permanently or ad-hoc) designated. This included the following
   real life cases:
   - Beautiful place in the mountains, desert or at the beach - no
      facilities, usually no explicit owner's permission ("wild camp"). We can
      add attribute *camp_site=trekking* for trekking camps;
      - In a country where camping is free (as in "free" speech) and free
      camping is safe: a nice parking in the neighbourhood of public amenities.
      From our experience:
         - The park in Tabriz, Iran as mentioned yesterday
         - The kite beach in Dubai as mentioned yesterday - we didn't pay
         there and didn't have to ask the land owner for permission;
         - The corniche in Jeddah, Saudi Arabia, next to a mosque with
         water and toilets - free and no permission asked;
      - In countries where free camping is not safe:
         - Parking of a local police station, an option we had in Omorate,
         - Area of a mission post & school like we had in Tanzania;
         - Next to a village, like we had in Zimbabwe - we paid some money
         to the village's chief, otherwise it might have been not
safe. The reason I
         would want to put it on the map is that the village was hidden and few
         villages were in the area. If we hadn't been tipped by other
tourists we
         wouldn't have found it;
      - "Standard" campgrounds (permanently present, advertised, paid for
   or free) can get attributes to indicate the level of service (for
example *camp_site=
   serviced*. The categories includes the basic overnight RV places as well
   as full featured campgrounds. I would like to make definition of these
   attributes a new, separate proposal that will result in additional values
   for tag *camp_site=**,

Of course not every non-designated place is mapped. Non-designated places
we used that I have not mapped include:

   - The land of farms in Turkey and Iran where we were permitted to stay -
   not mapped because of privacy of the owner and because the culture is that
   every farmer in these countries would allow you to camp;
   - Desert sites in north Sudan - almost any place there is beautiful and
   - Villages along the road in Sudan - can be seen from the road and every
   village would allow you to camp.

If no strong objections against the wording I propose here come back I'll
update the proposal as the change in meaning of phrases becomes confusing.


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