[Tagging] Feature Proposal - Clean Up - Sanitary Dump Station

Bryce Nesbitt bryce2 at obviously.com
Sun Mar 29 05:25:27 UTC 2015

The dump station tagging proposal has been cleaned up and migrated:
A related mechanical edit has been completed.
Other than some canal pumpouts in the UK, the world now is using just one
tag for this feature.

I encourage people to get out and map s'more.

amenity=sanitary_dump_station is valid if you know the exact spot(s), else
sanitary_dump_station=yes can be added to the parent node (e.g. the camp
site, gas or grocery station that hosts the dump).

Prior tagging of this feature included a number of
man_made=pumping_station, and landfills mistakenly tagged as toilet dump
stations.  A number were just name=Dumping Station with no other tags.
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