[Tagging] Status 'Draft' ... vs status 'Proposed'?

Warin 61sundowner at gmail.com
Tue Mar 31 01:22:15 UTC 2015

There have been some comments on people making comments on the voting 
stage of a proposal. I think this comes about because of the large 
number of proposals with the status 'proposed'. Makes it impossible to 
see which proposals are actively being promoted towards the voting stage 
in the short term.  Many people don't have the time to monitor groups 
for the gems, and look to be using the voting stage as the primary 
indicator for a time to consider and then comment on a proposal.
I think the status 'proposed' should be limited to a maximum time period 
so that the number of proposals with this status is small and thus 
easily checked by the time poor.  So where do these presently 'proposed' 
proposals go?
The status 'draft' could be expanded to include many of the current 
proposals with the status 'proposed'?  Is this reasonable? It will 
result in an expansion of the number of proposals in the draft stage.

========== Presently 216 proposals with status 'proposed' and 366 
proposals with status 'draft'.

The draft stage is not well defined.
"This list of Proposed features that have pages currently being developed."
The Proposal process page 
https://wiki.openstreetmap.org/wiki/Proposal_process confuses the Draft 
stage with the proposal stage!

Perhaps the daft stage should be for and documented for;
Selection of the key name or key used.  While the selection is taking 
place the reasons for that selection should be recorded.
Selection of value/s. Again record the reasons for the selected value.
Limits, a statement of any limitations.
Once those (and other basics) are on the page then an invitation for 
discussion should be sought ... an RFD similar to an RFC?
While under discussion changes can be made.
A suggested minimum time of say 1 week?
No maximum time limit. It could be left for experimental tagging in this 
This could be the stage where development takes place (e.g. use of the 
tag), not in the proposed stage?

---------------------- Status 'proposed'
Then follows the 'proposed' stage where the proposal may attract further 
last comments and development. This stage should be, as a guide,  
limited in time to, say, 2 weeks minimum and  8 weeks maximum?
That may reduce the number of things with the status 'proposed'? And 
that may bring the use of the status 'proposed' to a usefull state of 
signifying that the next stage of 'voting' is imminent?

=========================== Alternatives?
Any other ideas of reducing the number of 'proposed' items? I've rasied 
other status ideas before. This one adds nothing new to the status 
values .. but clarifies and adds to the initial stage of a proposal.

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