[Tagging] new access value

Friedrich Volkmann bsd at volki.at
Mon Oct 5 10:01:57 UTC 2015

I intend to write a proposal for a new access=* value, but I don't know a
reasonable tag name. So I'm asking you for suggestions.

We need the tag for Austrian road signs labelled "ausgenommen
Anrainerverkehr" or "ausgenommen Anliegerverkehr", where "ausgenommen" means
"excepted" and "Anrainerverkehr" or "Anliegerverkehr" is the word I am
struggling to translate. These signs are mostly used in conjunction with [no
vehicles] or [no motor vehicles] signs.

There are similar signs in Germany and Switzerland, although there has been
some debate whether the terms mean the same thing. So I am primarily
considering Austrian jurisdiction by now. The Germans or Swiss can then
decide whether they use the new access value or not.

The meaning is a superset of
access=private/customers/delivery/agricultural/forestry. Everyone is
permitted to use the feature (road) if - and only if - he is either a
resident or owner of adjacent property or if he is aiming to get in contact
or business with a resident or owner.

So if you own the property beside the street, you are permitted to use the
If you want to visit a resident for a talk, you are permitted.
If you are delivering to a resident, you are permitted.
Hotel guests are permitted.
If you want to visit a shop, you are permitted.
If you want to visit someone who turns out to be not at home, you are
permitted anyway because you could not know.

But you are *not* permitted to drive in if you just want to park your car
there and take a walk.
Or if you are intending to drive through without being a resident/owner.
Or if you want to shoot photos of the buildings, without visiting them.
Or if you do some mapping for OSM.

Many people have been using (motor_)vehicle=destination for this, but that's
just wrong, because "destination" would mean that you are allowed to drive
in to take a walk or shoot photos. In exchange, "destination" would prohibt
residents from driving through - but they are actually allowed to do so.

I have been using (motor_)vehicle=delivery, because it's more permissive
than private, and I always felt that delivery somewhat implies customers.
But it's not fully correct either, because pedestrian areas exist where
deliverers are permitted to drive in, while customers are not.

So we need a new tag.

Maybe *=visitors?
or *=guests (but this could make believe that deliverers are excluded)
or *=contact (puzzling?)
or *=contact_with_residents (too bulky?)
or *=contact_with_abutters (same)
or *=in_touch... ?

What do you think?

Friedrich K. Volkmann       http://www.volki.at/
Adr.: Davidgasse 76-80/14/10, 1100 Wien, Austria

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