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Colin Smale colin.smale at xs4all.nl
Tue Oct 6 09:09:00 UTC 2015


So to summarise, you are proposing a new value for access=*, which has
some overlap with "destination", "delivery" and "private" (and others),
whereby the distinction with the existing values can only be made clear
by refererring to legal texts? 

Whatever the conclusion, the new value has to be easy to use correctly,
and such subtle differences are just asking for problems... 

Maybe we can put a matrix in the wiki with the values down the left,
"traffic classes" across the top, and "yes/no" in the cells? 

Traffic classes would be something like: 

* actual residents 

* visitors to residents, with or without an appointment (including
delivery/contractor traffic) 

* visitors to residents, with pre-arranged appointment (including
delivery/contractor traffic) 

* residents of a side-road to the road in question (it may be the
intention that the side-roads are accessed by entering the road in
question from the other end) 

* visitors to the road itself, not to a resident (e.g. intending to park
the car and go for a walk) 

* anything else you can think of here? 

whereby the matrix would define the standard interpretation of the
values and any deviation must be explicity tagged. 


On 2015-10-06 09:57, Friedrich Volkmann wrote: 

> On 06.10.2015 08:47, Colin Smale wrote: 
>> Instead of trying to translate the words on the signs, why look at what the
>> relevant laws say. There is only room on the sign for one or two words, but
>> in the laws which define the signing there will/may be more detailed
>> definitions of what is meant; these definitions will of course be
>> country-specific.
> Sadly enough, most people who participate in discussions do not even know
> (or at least not fully understand) the laws in the own country, let alone in
> foreign countries. That's why a list of country-specific equivalents cannot
> be the target of a proposal. The proposal can only introduce a tag and its
> definition, and it's up to the local communities to discuss what their
> traffic signs mean and how they relate to the tag definitions.
>> In NL there is "uitgezonderd bestemmingsverkeer" (except for destination
>> traffic) which sounds clear, but these days there is also "uitgezonderd
>> aantoonbare bestemming" (except traffic with demonstrable destination). The
>> latter is not defined (yet) in law, but I guess it is an attempt to plug a
>> hole in "bestemmingsverkeer" because it is not defined how you have to
>> justify being "destination traffic."
> The Austrian term "Anrainerverkehr" is not defined by a law either. But it
> has been a topic in literature, official websites, court decisions, and
> discussions in specific newsgroups and webforums. So there's now a common
> understanding what the term means.
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