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Friedrich Volkmann bsd at volki.at
Tue Oct 6 10:31:56 UTC 2015

On 06.10.2015 11:09, Colin Smale wrote:
> So to summarise, you are proposing a new value for access=*, which has some
> overlap with "destination", "delivery" and "private" (and others),

There is no overlap with "destination", although many mappers mix it up.
Of course there is overlap with "delivery" and "private" as the new value
will be a superset to them.

> whereby
> the distinction with the existing values can only be made clear by
> refererring to legal texts?

No, that's exactly what I want to avoid. The tag definitions should be
concise, clear and comprehensive, and any traffic signs or legal texts
should go to an examples section at best. We better leave it over to local
communities to discuss those.

> Maybe we can put a matrix in the wiki with the values down the left,
> "traffic classes" across the top, and "yes/no" in the cells?
> Traffic classes would be something like:
> * actual residents
> * visitors to residents, with or without an appointment (including
> delivery/contractor traffic)
> * visitors to residents, with pre-arranged appointment (including
> delivery/contractor traffic)
> * residents of a side-road to the road in question (it may be the intention
> that the side-roads are accessed by entering the road in question from the
> other end)

This is another dimension, so the matrix would become 3-dimensional.

> * visitors to the road itself, not to a resident (e.g. intending to park the
> car and go for a walk)
> * anything else you can think of here?

In order to get the "designated" and "use_sidepath" values in, we'd need to
add a distinction whether the feature is designated, or whether a designated
sidepath is present. That adds one more dimension to the matrix. For
"discouraged" we'd need yet another dimension. So we can hardly get all
values in one matrix. I would prefer a tree structure, similar to how the
keys are documented at
http://wiki.openstreetmap.org/wiki/Key:access#Land-based_transportation. Of
course we can do both: a tree for all values, and a matrix for "difficult"

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