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Friedrich Volkmann bsd at volki.at
Tue Oct 6 10:51:57 UTC 2015

On 06.10.2015 11:29, Martin Koppenhoefer wrote:
> I wouldn't do that, but I'd rather make it the opposite way (state that
> destination does require contact).

That would change the meaning of the tag, and how would you tag "Zufahrt
gestattet" (or "Durchfahrt verboten" or "ausgenommen Ziele in ...") then?
This does not require contact.

> I'm not sure about the term "residents".
> Are these signs only found in areas which are "purely residential" (i.e.
> there are no offices if not inside residences and run by the resident, no
> shops, haircutters, agencies, ...)? Otherwise I'd include something
> referring to businesses.

Businesses are included, see my initial post.

> We should check if the currently described
> definition in the wiki for "destination" is correctly describing the
> situation for some place on Earth (some jurisdiction).

Destination is destination, the meaning of this word is obvious, and this
does not depend on some place on Earth.

> If yes we have to
> leave it as it is IMHO, and we'd have to retag a lot of stuff in Germany.

That's the problem of the Germans, and it's their own fault. I corrected the
mistranslation in the German wiki multiple times, and explained it to them
numerous times, to no avail.

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