[Tagging] Shop values review

Lauri Kytömaa lkytomaa at gmail.com
Wed Oct 7 15:11:02 UTC 2015

Daniel Koć wrote:
> discount
> flooring
> games
> health_food
> hobby
> tiles
At least these are probably or possibly locally referred to as they
are tagged, Maybe someone can come up with fitting but more general
values, if there are any. If a shop sells mostly only games, it's a
shop selling games.

For the second list, at least some replacements seem incorrect:
> Candidates for deprecating:
> health - medical_supply?
Probably different, first one could be a unlicenced selling products
with (un)claimed health, performance, sleep or other benefits and
whatever, nothing medical about them.

> interior_decoration - houseware?
Houseware seems to refer to "usable" equipment, but I'd assume
interior decoration is anything from curtains and pictures to flower
vases and pillows, possibly with some cabinets and storage boxes in
the mix.

> sewing - maybe tailor?
I've seen a sewing supply shop, yarn, tools and some textiles and
stuffing material, or the like. They won't sew anything for you, like
a tailor does.

> shopping_centre - mall?
The wikipedia page lists regional differences and I'm no native, so
the words themselves may not refer exactly to these attributes, but
the way I read it a year or several ago there is a difference, even if
many might use the words interchangeably. They're almost similar, but
some professionals and others make the distinction that in a mall the
distinct shops are within a single (enclosed) area, but in a shopping
centre the shops have their main entrances from the outside. In the
other, you (almost always) first enter the mall, then the shops; in
the other, you (can) enter the shops directly; or in a mall you go
around with what you bought and then return to your car, but in a
shopping center you're more likely to take your bags to the car
between visits to different shops. It might be that discussing what
the two words really mean would never end, but the difference in
concepts exists.

> souvenir - gift?
Although somewhat similar, I wouldn't got to souvenir shop to buy
gifts for my relatives, they only sell stuff that gives tourists a
cliché memory of the attraction, city or country. As a tourist, I
wouldn't go to a mainstream gift shop business (as WP calls them) to
buy a t-shirt with the name of the city I was visiting; they probably
wouldn't have such.


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