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Friedrich Volkmann bsd at volki.at
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On 08.10.2015 04:21, John Willis wrote:
> How do they enforce it in Europe? Stickers on cars? Stop and ask? 

In cities, there are lots of 30 km/h speed limits, oneways and
traffic_calming=* to deter cutters. Parking requires a sticker on the car.
Residents need to pay for it (around 150 €/year in Vienna), others won't get
it at all. There are police-like troops who roam the streets at night,
looking for parking violators.

In rural settlements, the police can stop you and ask, but it is unlikely
that they come across you on minor roads. When they want to make money, they
usually hide in a bush near a primary road and measure speeds. On minor
roads, you rather get in conflict with residents. When you drive thru a road
where this is forbidden, or when you park on their property, they make a
photo of your car and then sue you.

It also depends on the country. In Germany, only the driver can be fined. So
they need to make a photo of the driver. In Austria, all they need is the
number on your licence plate. Whenever they don't know the driver, they fine
the car owner.

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