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2015-10-08 4:21 GMT+02:00 John Willis <johnw at mac.com>:

> The police have no power because the road is public and built, so people
> are legally allowed to drive on it.

that's also the reason why those "Anlieger frei" situations should be
reduced to a minimum, we're all public and these roads have been built with
our money (normally, when its a private road the situation is a bit
different), why should the use be restricted to people living there? That's
why these signs are mostly set up in particular situations with above
average through traffic for some reason (e.g. touristic places or popular
shortcuts where they try to keep you on the major road but where this major
road has some problem like too much traffic at certain times or series of
red lights slowing you deliberately down). The far more often used measures
are reduced maxspeeds (30kph in residential areas) or living streets
(7kph), or oneway constellations which let you not cut through, or traffic
calming like humps and bumps and chicanes.

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