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Great idea John. But we are going to have to deal with "mixed" shops,
which fall into multiple categories at once. Our reluctance to find a
proper solution for multi-valued attributes has already caused zillions
of brain-hours to be expended on heated, protracted discussions with no
sign of consensus. My opinion is that we should clearly state that we
accept semicolon syntax for the value of "shop", where multiple values
is the best representation of the shop. Otherwise we will be repeating
this discussion time and time again because there is a shop that doesn't
fall cleanly into one category, so either yet another value is created
to cover the range of goods and services at this particular shop with
significant overlap with existing values, or the shop is only tagged as
one out of N categories and information is being lost. 

The fact that "renderers" may need a few extra lines of code to handle
this, is irrelevant noise. 

In an ideal world, tagging should also be based on what it IS (which is
objective), not what it is CALLED (which is locale/culture dependent).
In the case of shops, that would mean enumerating the sorts of
products/services on sale, so shop=hat is better than shop=haberdasher. 


On 2015-10-08 11:32, John Willis wrote: 

> Li really like the idea of cleaning up the shop values, especially removing really generic ones. 
> But specific ones have their place
> For example, electronics is a good shop value, but what about a ham radio store? 
> Generic hobby shops exist, what about model train shops?
> We need to create a skeleton that has sub values, or we need to allow (usually on a region by region basis) more detailed tags than is what expected. 
> For example, in Japan, a "bath fixtures" shop is a common store. They sell toilets, showers, tubs, etc. there are plenty of big home stores that that slo sell those, but the local "bath fixture shop" is a common sight. 
> Same with "bamboo home goods" and "tea goods" for loose tea, powered macha, special teapots, and the accessories for the pots. You can not buy a drink there, just goods to make tea. W
> A skeleton of premade sub keys that can accept specific values shop=hobby, hobby=trains  or an acceptance of more specific values ( similar to cuisine - octopus ball stands are fast food here) need to dealt with in a proper way. 
> Javbw
>> On Oct 7, 2015, at 10:58 PM, Daniel Koć <daniel at koć.pl> wrote:
>> I was trying to review the shop values we show in osm-carto (top 100 according to TagInfo - you can list it by running this Ruby script: https://github.com/gravitystorm/openstreetmap-carto/blob/master/scripts/shop_values.rb ) and here are my quick findings:
>> No wiki page or definition (some of them can be also candidates for deprecating and replacing with something else):
>> builder
>> building_materials
>> craft
>> discount
>> energy
>> flooring
>> gallery
>> games
>> health_food
>> hobby
>> market
>> phone
>> real_estate
>> rental
>> salon
>> shoe_repair
>> tiles
>> Candidates for deprecating:
>> antique - no wiki, mentioned on antiques page so maybe deprecate and propose antiques?
>> appliance - wiki redirects to electronics, so maybe deprecate and propose electronics instead?
>> car_service - maybe car_repair?
>> communication - wiki redirects to mobile_phone, so maybe deprecate and propose mobile_phone?
>> general - deprecate and propose to look for other shop values (like "yes")?
>> health - medical_supply?
>> household - houseware?
>> interior_decoration - houseware?
>> office_supplies - stationery?
>> printing - copyshop?
>> radiotechnics - electronics?
>> sewing - maybe tailor?
>> shopping_centre - mall?
>> solarium - leisure=tanning_salon?
>> souvenir - gift?
>> tanning - leisure=tanning_salon?
>> Also organic is deprecated, but I was told that it was made by one person, so we should also decide if we support this change or we want to revert it.
>> What are your propositions?
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