[Tagging] new access value

Friedrich Volkmann bsd at volki.at
Thu Oct 8 13:40:20 UTC 2015

On 08.10.2015 11:49, Marc Gemis wrote:

> Why don't you tag it with access=destination in combination with a
> traffic_sign=xxx ?

Because traffic_sign=* does not change the meaning of access tags. These
tagging approaches are completely independent of each other.

The traffic sign approach will never work, because there's an infinite
number of traffic signs for a finite number of meanings.

> To bind the traffic sign with the destination key you could use
> access:destination:traffic_sign=xxx
> Or perhaps source:access:destination to be similar with source:maxspeed.

These keys are neither used nor documented, and we would only end up with
inconsistent data.

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