[Tagging] Unmarked opening hours

Robin Schneider ypid at riseup.net
Sun Oct 11 11:59:48 UTC 2015

On 11.10.2015 09:20, Michael Reichert wrote:
> Hi Michał,
> Am 2015-10-10 um 21:28 schrieb Michał Brzozowski:
>> In the course of surveys, I fill in opening_hours of shops and other
>> venues. Sometimes though, they are not marked outside. Therefore, when
>> looking at a feature that lacks opening_hours other mappers and I
>> can't tell the reason. I've been thinking of a standardized way of
>> marking such cases, like:
>> opening_hours:status=unmarked
>> which is to be understood that mapper didn't see opening hours
>> displayed outside (but other sources may be available).
> I have been using opening_hours=none for this purpose.
> If the community agrees on my suggestion, we have to fix all those
> validators which show warnings on opening_hours=none.

I believe that opening_hours=none is a bad idea because:

1. It it technically incorrect because the feature does probably have
opening_hours. It just happens to be the case that they are somehow hidden.
2. I am a developer of one of those validators and as you mentioned correctly,
the syntax you proposed is invalid and will cause an error during evaluation. So
all people who try to fix up other peoples opening_hours see this one and try to
fix it but probably can not do this when the opening_hours are also not on the
website (which I assume everyone checks before adding a
opening_hours:status=unmarked or opening_hours=none).


I would go with opening_hours:status=unmarked

Live long and prosper
Robin `ypid` Schneider

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