[Tagging] Postindustrial Castle

Jaume Figueras i Jové jaume.figueras at masafi.cat
Wed Oct 14 18:27:57 UTC 2015


I've found a 'postindustrial' castle tagged [1] and I don't know how can 
it be correctly tagged. With 'postindustrial' I mean a castle build by 
one person during the last 40-50 years as its own personal project with 
no other means that its own personal.... I don't know why someone builds 
a castle nowadays. You can view a newspaper article [2] with a picture.

Now it is tagged as historic=castle, but is this correct?



[1] http://www.openstreetmap.org/way/219562328
[2] http://www.naciodigital.cat/latorredelpalau/noticia/34238/castell/postindustrial/al/mig/fonts/terrassa

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