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Is this a store or kiosk, with staff present, or are the packing materials 
sold via a vending machine?

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> On 7/10/2015 2:21 PM, Marc Gemis wrote:
>> On Wed, Oct 7, 2015 at 12:57 AM, André Pirard
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>>>>     In my opinion having popular amenity type only for one country
>>>     it's not about the country, it's about the system I guess. Some time ago I 
>>>     spotted a DHL Packstation at the main station in Rome, so they're not 
>>>     limited to Germany. I agree this definition is not nice, and using a brand 
>>>     name as amenity value is not nice.
>>     cc: Marc Gemis has spotted in Belgium and discussed on talk-be@
>>     similar boxes that have nothing to do with DHL, Germany or other
>>     countries, pure Belgian (no beer, no chips inside, though).
>>     Cheers
>>  The one that I saw in Belgium is a personal "mailbox" for parcels in
>> front of your house. Those are an alternative to your traditional
>> mailbox, but are big enough to accept parcels and operated by
>> keycode/smartphone
> The ones becoming available here in Australia are for large parcels 
> delivered to your home.
> IIRC They have a key that can be opened by the post office people to place 
> the parcel/s, and another key for yourself to retrieve the parcel.
> They are purchased by the home owner so that things like ebay purchases can 
> be left without having to go back to the post office to get them.
>> The ones that are mentioned here places where more than one person can
>> bring parcels to be send, not ?
> They are a source of packing materials (satchels, boxes, tape) that can be 
> used to enclose your parcel before it is sent.
> There may be an attached mailing box suitable for the parcels, with some 
> way for paying for the postage.
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