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On 7/10/2015 2:21 PM, Marc Gemis wrote:
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>>>     In my opinion having popular amenity type only for one country
>>     it's not about the country, it's about the system I guess. Some time ago I spotted a DHL Packstation at the main station in Rome, so they're not limited to Germany. I agree this definition is not nice, and using a brand name as amenity value is not nice.
>     cc: Marc Gemis has spotted in Belgium and discussed on talk-be@
>     similar boxes that have nothing to do with DHL, Germany or other
>     countries, pure Belgian (no beer, no chips inside, though).
>     Cheers 
>  The one that I saw in Belgium is a personal "mailbox" for parcels in 
> front of your house. Those are an alternative to your traditional 
> mailbox, but are big enough to accept parcels and operated by 
> keycode/smartphone

The ones becoming available here in Australia are for large parcels delivered to your home.
IIRC They have a key that can be opened by the post office people to place the parcel/s, and another key for yourself to retrieve the parcel.
They are purchased by the home owner so that things like ebay purchases can be left without having to go back to the post office to get them.

> The ones that are mentioned here places where more than one person can 
> bring parcels to be send, not ?

They are a source of packing materials (satchels, boxes, tape) that can be used to enclose your parcel before it is sent.

There may be an attached mailing box suitable for the parcels, with some way for paying for the postage.

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