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>>> and also - how do we handle the grounds? is there landuse=castle?
>> the historic=castle tag will go on the whole site, the individual 
>> buildings get their own building tags
> Assuming then that the area that the castle **and the outer walls** 
> occupies is historic=castle,
> then is there some kind of building=* to cover the castle itself - 
> especially in a multi-building setup where there are smaller secondary 
> buildings, so tagging the actual castle would be nice. Having it be 
> one of those “higher priority” buildings in OSM renderings would be 
> nice too.

I have used building=yes.
If castles are to have a building=castle then so too do other 
buildings.. building=palace ...

> If the buildings and the walls are separate, then we need a way to tag 
> both then. We really need a barrier=castle_wall or 
> man_made=castle_wall - as “city wall” is a barrier that used to 
> surround a whole town,
> so I think there is a need for barrier=castle_wall or something.

At the moment I have used barrier=wall .. to that can be added height 
and material tags.

The difference between a city wall and a castle wall? Higher? ... Both 
have some defensive capability.

Some times the building inside the castle also has defensive 
capabilities too.

Considering the numbers and variability .. within OSM I'd think a tag 
that covers any defensive wall would be best..


The difficult part is to signify the wall has a path along its top, and 
is castellated.

How is the 'Great Wall of China" tagged ?

Perhaps in the future?
defensive_wall:path:width= 6

You can tell what the wall surrounds ..usually by looking.
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