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> On Oct 25, 2015, at 6:27 PM, Ineiev <ineiev at gnu.org> wrote:
>> In my eyes it is the same case as with a
>> railway=level_crossing. We map it as a node (and only as a node).
>> Did I miss something?
> In this case, the highway and the railway share the same level.


the rail and road share an intersection. it is a level crossing. The whole point of a level crossing is to say “Hey!” the road and train meet here! that’s why they share the node. 

a train in a tunnel doesn’t - so it doesn’t share a node with the road(s) above. There is no notice to a driver of subway lines, storm drains, water pipes, etc in the road as you drive - why is the culvert a node property of the road?  

Water and a road sharing the same node on the same level is called a ford. 

A culvert is a type of tunnel.  Zoom in and make a tiny going across the road and tag it as a culvert. 

In general, Tunnels are a property of ways, not nodes. 

Occasionally it is not completely sealed (there is a grate, or just rail ties and track), but it none the less has no bearing on the traffic on the track, road, or path above it - so it does not share a node with the road/track above - just as power lines crossing above do not either. 

It is not a stream that you have to get your car through. 

it is a small tunnel under the road. 

So tag it as a way. tunnels on nodes - especially on shared nodes with roads that are not in tunnels seems really really bad. 

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