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> two tags describe a situation quite common in Alaska.

Quite common here too in Japan. The runoff is captured and fed into a feed/drain system to fill rice fields with water, as well as used as a mostly open air storm drain system. Almost all of this system is concrete U shaped sections along fields or roads -  with or without lids depending on its proximity to road/foot traffic and cost. They go under roads everywhere, then feed into large streams (in larger 3 feet concrete Us) and finally dumped in the river (the cost for this even in the most rural areas must be astronomical). There are probably 200 culverts in a 1/2 mile-1KM circle around my house. I have seen a lot of galvanized ridged piping used for culverts in the US (suburban or rural culverts over paved / gravel roads - the frequency is less - but unless it is a ford, its basically the same "tunnel".

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near 2995 Niisatochō Nikkawa, Kiryū-shi, Gunma-ken 376-0121

Two culverts crossing the intersection (grated drains) feeding into a 3ft/1m covered stream, whose lid sections form the sidewalk. The water will be diverted to flood rice fields further downstream.  Smaller drains along the sides of the road feed a tiny rice field reservoir, also crossing under the road as a fully buried culvert. 

So a "culvert sidewalk" with 3 culverts at one intersection. None of them are ever noticed by the drivers that speed over them. The drains are so plentiful here mapping them is very difficult. 

The hazard to drivers here, especially in the mountains and very rural areas, Is open topped drains running parallel - not across - the roads. The drains are wide enough to catch a tire or a whole. bicycle. 


The drain here is dangerous - but the culvert for it (metal grates) at the intersection is not. 

The drain here (by its open nature) shares a level with the road - but thanks to the culvert, it does not share the same level at intersections. They share no nodes. 



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