[Tagging] How to tag a weigh station / bridge ?

Gerd Petermann GPetermann_muenchen at hotmail.com
Thu Oct 29 11:32:19 UTC 2015

reg. contact tool:

I agree that spamming is a problem.

My current way to contact the mapper is to add a comment to the

changeset, did that > 100 times now, typically with good response.

A typical comment looks like this:

Please review [way(s) / node(s) ]  id,id,...

The tag tagkey1=tagvalue1 is rarely used, did you mean

tagkey2=tagvalue2 ? See also <link to wiki page>

Another typical comment looks like this:

Please review [way(s) / node(s) ]  id,id,...

I've changed the rarely used tag ... to ...

See also <link to wiki page>

So, what I have in mind might be a JOSM plugin.


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Betreff: Re: [Tagging] How to tag a weigh station / bridge ?

On 29/10/2015 9:39 PM, Gerd Petermann wrote:

Hi all,

the wiki documents

amenity=weighbridge  (taginfo reports 386 uses)


I would NOT use amenity!

And status=in_use? less than 400 total.

Besides several different spellings like

amenity=weigh_bridge (8), weightbridge (3) ,...

and other similar tags like

amenity=weigh_station (21)


I've found several nodes or ways tagged e.g.

highway=weigh_station (60)

highway=weighbridge (9)

man_made=weighbridge (44)

man_made=weigh_bridge (6)

man_made=weighing_scale (4)

man_made=weighting_machine (1)

and further spelling variatons.

Of the above I would prefer


Can be applied to railways, highways with equal ease. And yes both railways and highways have them.

A weighting scale, machine may be for postal items, personal scales... a weighbridge is for vehicles.

weight_sensor=yes (1)

weight_bridge (1)

I would think the critical things would be the weight limit and the weight resolution.
Not what kind of sensor is employed.

I guess most of them describe the same thing.

It would be great to have a tool which allows to contact

all mappers that used the different versions and ask

them to  check if the most often used tag is matching.

Do we have a tool like that ? If not, would it be welcomed?

Need to be careful not to support spam!
Other than that .. yes, would make contact easier .. but a discussion page would be better rather than private emails?

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