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>On 29. Oktober 2015 10:34 Paul Johnson [mailto:baloo at ursamundi.org] wrote:


> Bicycle lanes are lanes of travel, 

This depends on your definition of “lanes”


> and may or may not be exclusive to bicycle traffic, and may or may not be the outermost lane of travel. 

Agreed. But what exactly do you mean by “Bicycle lanes”? designated cycle ways with at least priority for cyclists (dedicated bike lanes, protected bike lanes, cycle tracks, cycle paths, mandatory and advisory cycle lanes) ? Or shared use lanes with motor vehicles and some form of bike infra (bicycle pictograms, sharrows, suggestive lanes, smurf lanes)


> Discounting this and only including cycleway=lane doesn't indicate which lane the bike lane is,

True, but why do you bring “*=lane” to the party (lanes=*, *:lanes=*) now?


> and will cause lane guidance to be incorrect as a result (just as if you were to set the lane count short one lane in other contexts).

I disagree. And you still haven’t provided me with an example where having an identical lanes count (lanes=* and *:lanes=*) will solve an existing problem.


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