[Tagging] New proposal: Obligatory tagging of oneway on motorway_link

Joachim noreply at freedom-x.de
Thu Sep 10 12:20:43 UTC 2015

I drafted up a proposal about oneway=* for highway=motorway_link.
Please comment.

Define on the wiki page of highway=motorway_link that oneway=* must
also be tagged for every motorway_link. If not tagged, the oneway=*
status of this way is undefined.

- For rendering purposes ways with undefined oneway should be
displayed like the default, i.e. without oneway arrows.
- For routing purposes it is recommended to not route over ways with
undefined oneway since any assumption may be wrong and it would be
best to correct the data.
- In map editors undefined oneway should be displayed as tagging error.

Cheers, Joachim (Jojo4u)

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