[Tagging] Handle with care

Marc Gemis marc.gemis at gmail.com
Sun Sep 27 10:47:48 UTC 2015

> Standard names offer the opportunity to guide which type of warnings
> are good to have and not oversteping. And can link to help text that
> can try its best to explain rather than scare away. Picking up on
> Bryan's examples:
> * outdated_imagery should be self-explanatory, I've used the note tag
> for that a few times
> * border_dispute can link to the many ressources explaining how to
> handle these nicely
> * current_event is... the same as outdated_imagery ? unless a precise
> date is given ?
> * authoritative_data can suggest mapers to alert the authority that
> their data is crap ;)
> * i_know_the_place_better_than_you is notably absent
> Bryan also distinguished 'warning' (which just pop up a message but
> lets the user continue) from 'restriction' (which don't let the user
> edit until he removes the restriction tag). I think that 'restriction'
> goes too far, an editor warning should be enough for all cases (as
> long as it is visible enough).

The fixed values are better than the free choice, but the only way that
such a tag  is acceptable to me is when it is community driven. When
community X agrees that e.g. Bing imagery is out-of-date for their area, it
would be nice that they could add an information panel in one way or
another. I don't like the idea that 1 individual mapper can block, annoy,
bother (whatever you prefer) other mappers by adding such tags all over the

How we decide on what a community is, or how they can decide to place such
information into the editors, I don't know. I would rather see some kind of
"popup" when you start editing that displays some text from the local
community. It could also include things like emails, websites, irc
channels, etc. to contact other mappers. Perhaps together with a messages
like "please remember Bing is out of date, we prefer XYZ as aerial imagery."


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