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David Picard davepiq at yahoo.fr
Mon Aug 1 15:03:27 UTC 2016


Le 01/08/2016 à 11:15, Martin Koppenhoefer a écrit :
> 2016-07-31 19:21 GMT+02:00 David Picard <davepiq at yahoo.fr
> <mailto:davepiq at yahoo.fr>>:
>     https://wiki.openstreetmap.org/wiki/Proposed_features/midwife
>     Definition:     a midwife practising as a licensed professional in
>     an office
> I think your proposal should be more explicit about the actual tagging
> you propose (key=value, possibly in bold text).

I don't understand what you mean here. I have no experience with OSM.

> Also the definition
> leaves a lot of uncertainty (is this a about an office or a practice, or
> is this the same in this context? Is it for the place where
> examinations/birth is happening or is it for an administrative place, or
> both?) Is this only for standalone features, or also for midwifes
> associated to a clinic or hospital?

I guess it depends a lot on the country ! For example, in France, the 
only definition is : a place where a woman can exercise and get prepared 
for childbirth, get cured for a range of gynaecological problems (from 
puberty to end of life), get prescription for contraceptives, be taken 
care of before and after childbirth. It is NOT a place to give birth. 
Midwives who run a place like this in France are not linked to a clinic 
nor hospital.

> Why do you require "licensed" (think
> of places where public administration works worse, maybe they don't have
> official licenses for midwifes).

I am not an English speaker. I meant an independent worker like a 
doctor, a lawyer, etc. running his own business. But maybe this can be 
just removed, so as to be more generic.

> I also don't like the limitation to nodes, these will always have a
> spatial extension, so allowing to tag them on areas as well seems
> reasonable.

I don't really see why, but again, I have no experience with OSM...

> Cheers,
> Martin
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